EPEC are the only upgradeable junior clubs on the market today.

But you know that because you are here to upgrade your son or daughter’s clubs!

To make this process as simple as possible, we will explain what can and should be upgraded and why,

how much upgrades cost and the process to get it done.

What to Upgrade and Why

Kids grow ~3” per year. PGA golf professionals agree if a child does grow 3” or more, they should be fit into longer clubs. Golf is a hard game as it is.

So asking a child to use improperly fitted clubs makes the game even more challenging.

Four (4) things are upgradeable in an EPEC set; shafts, weights in iron heads, golf bags

and metal wood heads (driver/fairway/hybrid). Not every component has to be upgraded every time, except shafts.

The chart below illustrates the stages at which we recommend you consider upgrading certain components.

Going from left to right, each time the bar increases in size, an upgrade of that component is needed.

But as explained in the next section, several of these recommendations are optional.

What Does an Upgrade Cost?

The cost of each upgrade activity is shown in the chart below.

Shaft upgrades are $15.00 per club and each iron weight we replace is an additional $5.00 charge.

The cost to upgrade a 5 club set can be as little as $75 to replace 5 shafts only.

If that 5 club set was moving from a #2 to a #3, we would install new iron weights (2) and the upgrade cost would be $85.


Bags and metal woods are shown above as “optional” upgrades because that’s exactly what they are–optional.

When you are forced to buy an entirely new set from US Kids or Callaway, you have to replace everything whether you need to or not. Not EPEC.

For example, if your young golfer is hitting their driver great, don’t change the head.

We need to add length of course but the head might be perfectly fine. Same for fairways and hybrids.

Bags are sized to fit a range of club sizes so there’s no clear cut time when you have to buy a new bag.

Note! Metal wood heads are different than iron heads. With iron heads, only one thing changes as kids grow; the weight of the head.

With metal woods, three things change; the size (volume) of the head, the loft (degrees) and the weight.

Thus we cannot “upgrade” a metal wood head like we can an iron….  at least for now.


Upgrade Process

To get your son or daughter’s clubs upgraded, follow the process illustrated below.

Upgrade Request Form